Christmas Fair 2018

Sport, Public Services, and Business students at East Sussex College Hastings transformed the Station Plaza campus into a Winter Wonderland last week to raise money for the college’s charity partner, St Michael’s Hospice.

The students worked together to plan, organise, and host their own Christmas festival on the last day of term, Wednesday 19th December, and managed to raise £1,206 on the day, with further donations still being counted.

The group invited local businesses to pitch stalls and sell a range of Christmas gift to visitors, students, and staff. Local schools came along to join in with the festivities and were able to visit Santa’s Grotto and take selfies with the Grinch.

The Christmas festival ran from 10am until 5pm and also featured Christmas carols, tasty Christmas treats, and festive face painting. The students also put on a raffle with prizes including a signed Brighton and Hove Albion football shirt, an Xbox One, and 18 holes of golf at Sedlescombe Golf Club.

Christmasn Fair 2018 The Grinch

Craig Ottley, Curriculum lead for Sport and Public Services at East Sussex College Hastings, said: “It was a fantastic day. The students did a great job organising everything, from hiring a marquee for Santa’s Grotto, to finding some brilliant raffle prizes.

We’d all like to say a huge thank you to the catering, hair and beauty, health and social care, and facilities team, who helped to make the event a success, and to everyone who came along to support the event with donations.”

Hannah Hildreth, Community Fundraiser, said: “St. Michael’s Hospice continue to be very grateful to the staff and students at East Sussex College for their fantastic fundraising efforts since choosing us as their Charity Partner of the Year.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their hard work in organising the wonderful Christmas Fair, and we were extremely impressed by the creativity of this event. Every penny raised helps the Hospice to continue to offer our care and support to Hastings and Rother.”

New year new you

New Year's resolutions are often made with the best intentions but they can be difficult to stick to. So difficult in fact, it is thought that almost 80% of these resolutions are broken before January is even finished.

With that in mind, we thought we’d ask our tutors and students for some of their New Year’s resolutions that they’ve struggled to stick to. We’ve rounded up 5 of the ones that cropped up the most.

How many of these are you guilty of making and breaking?

1, “My goal is to get fit next year”

January is the time of year when we see the shops flooded with celebrity get fit DVDs and there seems to be a special offer in every gym you pass. Lots of people we asked said that getting fit is one of their main goals for the new year. But it’s also one they never stick to.


And it’s not just at ESC Towers that getting fit is one of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions. In 2018, there were almost 10 million gym memberships in the UK, however, 4% of all memberships didn’t even make it to February.

If you are thinking of joining the Gym, why not take a look at our college gym membership. You can pay as you go from £5, pay monthly from £20, or pay annually from £200.

Station Plaza 

Eastbourne & Lewes 

2, “Cut down on the junk food and eat healthy foods instead”

Most people try to eat at least five portions of fruit or veg and drink at least two litres of water per day. In January it seems that we make an extra effort to try and sustain it throughout the year.


However, the lure of a cheeky takeaway, a sharing bag of Maltesers, and a half price tub of Ben & Jerry’s is just too difficult to give up.

If you’re planning to eat much healthier in 2019 then why not take a look at some health food trends coming our way next year

3, “I want to save money and spend less”

I think we’ve all said we’d like to do this at some point in our lives! Making a conscious effort to put money away and save is another popular resolution made by lots of people we spoke to. Whether it was saving for a holiday, saving for driving lessons, or saving for uni, most people want to have a few funds to fall back on in 2019.


So if you’re planning to stash away some cash you might want to look at opening up a savings account. The Money Saving Expert is pretty switched on when it comes to money and will give you the lowdown on everything from your Instant Access savers to your Lifetime ISAs.

4, “I’m going to do some volunteering next year”

A lot of people start the New Year with a positive and can-do attitude. Many of the people we spoke to wanted to be more generous, do more things for others, and by the end of the year, feel like they’ve made a bit of a difference.

However, with such a busy and hectic way of life, volunteering and being selfless often falls by the wayside. However, even the smallest random act of kindness can go a long way to brightening someone’s day.


So if one of your resolutions is to doing something for others, why not help out at a local charity? We support a number of local organisations who would love for you to spend some of your time helping out. It could be for one hour per month or even just as a one off. Whatever it is, your time will be hugely appreciated.

You could help at a hospice:

St Wifrid’s Hospice

St Michael’s Hospice

Support the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity

Or volunteer to support WynterCon at their biggest fundraising event, WynterCon VI in 2019

5, “I’d love to learn something new”

Many people set themselves the goal of learning something new, whether it is just for the fun of learning or because they want to get better at something. But this is another resolution that many people don’t see through.


Lots of people we spoke to said that they would love to learning something new in 2019. Some said they would join part-time classes in pottery because they’ve always had a passion for being creative. Some said they would like to learn another language because they wanted to challenge themselves. Others said they would like to add more beauty treatments to their skillset because it will help them in their career.

If your New Year’s resolution is to learn a new skill, get a job promotion, or just to meet new, like-minded people then we might be able to help with that.

We have a whole range of brand new and existing part-time courses that you can join. Have a browse through, you might find something that will help to change your 2019

SP Open Eve

East Sussex College welcomed over 6,000 prospective students to its campuses in Eastbourne, Hastings, and Lewes during a packed programme of Open Events in October, November, and December.

The college opened its doors to students from all over East Sussex during the Open Event season so that they could have an exclusive look at what the college has to offer once they have finished secondary school.

The college campuses in Eastbourne, Lewes, and the three campuses in Hastings, gave students the opportunity to have a good look at the facilities, talk to tutors and current students, and get involved with lots of interesting and exciting activities put on by each subject area.

The Open Events kicked off in Lewes on 5th October and took place right through November, ending on 6th December in Hastings.

In Eastbourne, guests heard live acoustic performances from music students Cat Rose, Morgan James, and Jack Weston, they were able to taste a range of mocktails as hospitality and catering students put on a cocktail masterclass, and they were able to see a life-size Dalek, as the motor vehicle students presented their latest project.

ESC Eastbourne Dalek

At the Station Plaza campus in Hastings, visitors arrived on the scene of a road traffic collision which brought together elements from the Make-up Artistry, Motor Vehicle, and Public Service courses, they were put through their paces during a range of fitness testing, and they were able to understand the importance of having a balanced and healthy diet in the college kitchens.

During the Open Event at the Ore Valley campus in Hastings, prospective students were able to get hands-on with a range of construction activities that included building brick walls, connecting electrical circuits, and creating decorative effects with the college logo. The students were also able to immerse themselves in the virtual world as computing students demonstrated their Virtual Reality gaming technology.

In Lewes, visitors were able to see the performing arts subjects in action as current students put on a range of theatre and dance performances. The visiting students were also given all-access tours of the art studios and workshops, and were able to listen to performances by students from the East Sussex Academy of Music.

ESC Live Lewes

Clive Cooke, CEO of East Sussex College said:It was fantastic to see so many people come along and take the opportunity to see what is on offer at East Sussex College.

It was really pleasing to see all of our campuses buzzing with visitors and it was great to see students and their parents and carers getting involved with all the activities. I hope all of our guests were able to ask our tutors lots of great questions and get all the answers they were looking for.”

The College is offering tours of its campuses to anyone who may have missed the Open Events, still have a few questions about the courses or application process, or would like to have one final look around before making up their mind about college and submitting their UCAS application. Visit the website for more information on how to book a personal tour.

 Tiffani Graveling third from the left

Tiffani Graveling, a second year photography student at University Centre Hastings, gained valuable work experience with UK film director, Howard J Ford, on the set of his new movie.

Tiffani worked on Howard’s new family film, Adventure Boyz, over the summer and spent two months as the Production Manager. She worked on everything from setting up the equipment to capturing moments in the movie.

Tiffani first met Howard during a Speedway race meeting at the home of the Eastbourne Eagles, the Arlington Stadium.

Tiffani said: “I do a lot of Speedway photography at Arlington Stadium and I met Howard as he was filming some footage for his new movie. I have an interest in film making anyway, so we got chatting and I asked him if I could help out, and it took off from there.”

“Initially, I assisted with a lot of the shoots at Arlington and helped with the equipment; and he was really impressed with me. Howard is one of the stars of the movie, alongside his two children, so he asked me if I could help shoot some other scenes for the movie, which was huge for me.”

 Tiffani Graveling with Howard Ford

“I already knew some of the filming basics from A-Level, but studying moving images and using programmes like Premier Pro during my degree, certainly gave me confidence and I wasn’t worried about what he wanted me to do. For instance, there was an occasion where I had to do some panning, because Howard was walking and talking to another actor. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t actually done it before, but I was confident I could do it.”

“I learnt so much about the equipment, including being introduced to some new really cool, proper film set stuff, like a Jib Arm. We shot the film using a DSLR camera and used a number of different lenses. There were 20mm wide lenses, some 35mm, and an 85mm, as well as a zoom lens to get lots of different shots. There were huge tripods, a few small hand held lights, and reflectors for the outside shots.”

 Tiffani Graveling yellow T Shirt on set

Howard has recently returned from the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California, where he premiered the trailer for the movie. He is now making final edits to the film in time to launch it at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019.

Tiffani continued: “Howard watched the footage back and he was really happy with what I captured. During the edit for the trailer, he called me and asked for my opinion. He said he was taking it to AFM in Santa Monica, so that was a really big deal for me. He’s the director but wanted me to give my opinion on it; it was a proud moment.”

“The whole experience has been brilliant. It fitted in really well between my first and second year at uni and kept me in the loop with photography, film, and learning about the industry.”

Adventure Boyz is inspired by parent’s observations on how much time kids, and adults alike, spend on their devices. The exciting and entertaining storyline is fun for the whole family, but also reminds children about the exhilaration and joy of discovering and experiencing the outside world. Watch the trailer here:

Take a look at Tiffani's work on her website:

Photos in this article by Neil Garrett

Amber and Georgia

On Wednesday 21st November, Amber Rudd MP asked Georgia Harrison, a Hastings student at East Sussex College Hastings, to join her in Parliament for the #AskHerToStand day.

The event is aimed at trying to get more women to stand for election.

Georgia was able to meet Amber and shadow Amber’s job as an MP which included watching PMQs and attending Select Committees amongst other events. Currently, only 1 in 3 MPs are female, and the UK has only had 491 female MPs compared to 4,503 men since it became possible for women to stand for public office.

The event was organised by Frances Scott, Helen Pankhurst, the Centenary Action Group, the Fawcett Society, and the Jo Cox Foundation.

Amber Rudd MP said: “We need to see more women standing for public office, and this starts with encouragement and support. I was pleased to take part in this event and welcome Georgia up to Parliament. I originally met her in Hastings and was impressed with her political involvement, so I felt she would enjoy this event.”

Georgia, from East Sussex College Hastings said: “I was pleased to accept Amber’s invitation up to Parliament for the Ask Her to Stand event. It was certainly inspirational to see have almost 300 women from Parliamentary constituencies get together to encourage women standing for public office. I also enjoyed seeing the Palace of Westminster and catching up with Amber.”

Frances Scott, Director of 50:50 Parliament who organised the day was delighted with the turnout. She said: “On the centenary of when women were first ever able to stand it is wonderful that so many MPs participated in our #AskHerToStand day by inviting a women to Parliament. It is a clear demonstration that Westminster does welcome women.”

g o o d m a n s 45927964 370582190180413 2604524320696827904 n

Barbering students from East Sussex College Hastings were treated to a three-hour master class at Goodman’s Barbers in St Leonards last month.

To celebrate the opening of their new barber shop, the team at Goodman Apparel and Barbers invited the Level 2 students into the salon for an evening of barbering.

The students paired up with barbers to learn some of the latest techniques in barbering, shaving, and styling. They were also able to get an insight into some of the styles currently in fashion and find out what it is like to work in the industry.

g o o d m a n s 45842266 198441941062523 7401318275621060608 n

Chris Stevens, Barbering Lecturer, said: “The students had a fantastic evening learning alongside barbering professionals. It’s a great experience and I know that the students have picked up lots of tips, which I’m sure they will be able to use back at college. We’re really grateful to Ben Goodman, Goodman’s Barber owner, for inviting in and it was great to celebrate the opening of the new salon with them.”

Photos by @elliottxingham

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