Beata Petrova-Kolosova is just 17 and has been living and studying in Hastings after leaving Latvia nearly two years ago. She is currently applying to universities, including her first choice, Edinburgh, to study Ancient History.

Beata said, ‘I come from a small country in north east of Europe called Latvia. All through my life I have taken part in various extra-curricular activities such as volleyball, drama club and Art School and I developed a passion for languages. Besides my native Latvian language, I also speak English and Russian. I have always wanted the most out of life and this led to me choosing to study A-Levels at Sussex Coast College.’

Beata continued to say, ‘Studying A-Levels at Sussex Coast College Hastings has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

‘Of course, at times it has been quite challenging - different country, different language, and different people. Nevertheless, I have to say it has been good difference. There is so much that I have gained from this experience. I have significantly advanced in my language use, I have further developed my academic skills and I have grown as a person.’

Beata concluded, ‘I am impressed by the exceptionally high quality of teaching, exam preparation and the great level of support in the process of applying to Universities.

‘Sussex Coast College has everything you might need to help you in your studies, whether it is a book from the Learning Resource Centre, feedback from your tutor or a coffee break at Costa Coffee. Studies at Sussex Coast College Hastings have opened doors to new opportunities for my future and have given me the confidence and motivation to keep fulfilling my dream of being a Historian.

‘The motto of Sussex Coast College Hastings is ‘Inspiring Futures: Changing Lives’. It has inspired my future and it has changed my life, so make a decision and become who you want to be.’

The Sixth Form at Sussex Coast College offers International Students a truly unique environment within which to develop their language skills whilst also enhancing academic potential.

We offer over 30 A-Level subjects with a wide range of choice ranging from Science and Mathematics right through to Anthropology and Art History with a 100% success rate across the department.

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