As the excitement builds for the start of another college year (and we all sit here wondering how the summer went so quickly), we thought we’d give you our top 5 tips for starting college.


Plan Your Route

First up, you need to know where you’re going. Chances are you’ve already been to your new college a couple of times, but when the first day of term rolls around, you’ll be going to college for real. Getting anywhere for 9am is a completely different challenge, so you should plan your route to college.

Route finder 

If you’re planning to walk, perhaps give it a trial run (well, walk) a day or two before just to see how long it takes you. Maybe you’re planning to get the bus, then you’ll need to find out where the bus stop is, what time it arrives at your stop, how long it will take to get to college, and factor in enough time in case there is traffic. If you’re planning on getting the train, then you’ll need to check the train times and allow enough time to get to the station from your house.

Once you’ve planned your route, getting to college should be a breeze!


Buy new things


At this time of year, all the best stationery shops and online retailers have ‘Back to School’ offers, so why not treat yourself to some new classroom essentials. You’ll need pens and notepads to take notes in class and perhaps a new bag to carry it all in. But if you fancy really treating yourself, you may find a few good deals on laptops and printers at PC world as they’re currently running a £200 cashback deal.


Enjoy it

For most, college will last for two years. You may think that’s a long time, but trust us, it really isn’t. Before you know it, you’ll be collecting your final results and planning your next steps into work, an apprenticeship or university. So, one of our best tips is to enjoy every minute of it.

Enjoy it 

Throw yourself whole heartedly into meeting new people, joining groups, and participating in lessons. The people you meet at college may become life-long friends, you’ll learn lots of new things about your subjects and yourself, and it’ll give you lots of experience that you’ll be able to talk about at a job interview or in your application to university.


Stay Connected


Get social with your college. Following them on social media and downloading their app is a great way to keep up to date with events, announcements and exclusive content from across the college. If you’re joining us this September then you can download our SCCH Hub app from the App Store, Google Play and it’s available on Microsoft.


Be Organised

We know this last point might seem obvious and rather sensible, but talking from experience, it is so important to be organised. Make sure you know your timetable, memorise your room numbers (or write them down somewhere you can’t miss them), and keep up with your work.


College is a step-up from school, meaning there will be a greater work load and there will be more emphasis on treating you as an adult, letting you take responsibility for your own learning. All of this means that it’s pretty easy to fall behind. So make sure you write down assignment deadlines as soon as you get them, and try to make a start on them while the lessons are fresh in your mind. If you feel that you’re falling behind, don’t be afraid to talk to your tutor about it – that’s what they’re there for, and you’ll find that they’re super friendly.


What will your future hold?

Ok, so this isn’t a top tip, but it is quite fun. If you’re not sure what you want to do after college, then have a go at the quiz below to see what your future may hold. Simply click the picture, choose some baked goods, and your future will be revealed.


Let us know what you get!

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