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Image shows the Walk Centre Project – a nursery school for aids orphans and destitute children from the rubbish dump in Hilton Slum, Nakuru, Kenya. This feeding programme and education centre has recently been equipped with a computer suite, sewing machines, tiled kitchen,swings, a climbing frame and goal posts (erected on the site by volunteers). After children leave this school many are sponsored to enter the state education system (they then leave school to come the walk centre for two meals each day).

This February, students from Sussex Coast College will travel to Kenya to carry out life-changing work in a poverty-hit region of the country. A team of ten students and one staff member plan to travel to work on a project in Nakuru. 

The trip is being organised in conjunction with African Adventures, who work with community projects in developing areas of Africa. 

As volunteers, the students will choose how they help, with project roles ranging from teaching in schools and working with underprivileged children, to football and multi-schools training.  Their work will support African Adventures’ Community Development Pledge, which provides resources and micro-finance to all projects it supports. 

Lydia Leonard, Student Engagement Officer at Sussex Coast College said ‘This trip offers students a life-changing opportunity to make a positive contribution, experience different cultures, build their project skills and develop a broadened world-view.’

Dan Mew, UK Development Manager at African Adventures, said: ‘We are delighted to establish this partnership with Sussex Coast College. Volunteers on this trip will help support our Community Development Pledge, where we have committed to providing schools and youth centres across Kenya with teaching, coaching and community support, as well as development assistance.’

Students will be raising funds for the project. Watch this space for information on how to sponsor.

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