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Autumn term 18/19

Start of term: 6th September 2018 (INDUCTION)
Half term week: 22nd - 26th October 2018
Finish: 19th December 2018


Spring term 18/19

Start of term: 3rd January 2019
Half term week: 18th - 22nd February 2019
Finish: 5th April 2019


Summer term 18/19

Start of term: 23rd April 2019
Half term week: 27th May - 31st May 2019
Finish: 28th June 2019

Autumn term 17/18

Start of term: 11th September 2017
Half term week: 23rd - 27th October 2017
Finish: 15th December 2017

Spring term 17/18

Start of term: 3rd January 2018
Half term week: 12th - 16th February 2018
Finish: 29th March 2018

Summer term 17/18

Start of term: 16th April 2018
Half term week: 28th May - 1st June 2018
Finish: 29th June 2018

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Sussex Downs College and Sussex Coast College have merged. We are now both part of the East Sussex College Group.

If you would like to know more about the merger details, please click below to find out more

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