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There are many ways to get involved with Student Voice at East Sussex College Hastings. We encourage as many students as possible to get involved as your views and opinions are crucial to the college’s development. This isn’t tokenistic at all and your views do make a real difference to the college. On average, 90% of your feedback is dealt with or responded to by the following term.


We have an annual plan to establish the procedures to gather feedback from our students. It includes Forums, Walks and Talks, student surveys and meetings with our Senior Leadership Team (SLT). It runs from September to June of each academic year.

Course Representatives


Course Reps attend focus groups where they can express their views in order to improve the college. Anyone has the opportunity to become a Course Rep. Reps will be elected at the start of the year by their fellow classmates.

Throughout the academic year, there are four Curriculum Forums and three Across College Forums. Curriculum forums are chaired by the relevant Head of Faculty and/or Learning Standards Manager. They focus on collecting feedback about individual courses but can include more general issues like facilities. Across College Forums are chaired by the Deputy Principal and the Student President. They gather feedback on all college matters including the quality of learning, assessment and teaching.

Walks and Talks


The Student President and Students’ Union Officers will walk around the College talking to students that they meet on their way. This is to gauge student satisfaction and hear any issues or positive feedback that may not have been raised at forums. They occur four times a year at all three campuses and are a great way to get feedback that students may not feel comfortable disclosing at formal meetings. Furthermore, Walk and Talks offer a chance for all students to give feedback as only Course Reps attend forums.

Student Surgeries

Student surgeries are an opportunity for any student to discuss specific areas of the student experience and external issues affecting them or their colleagues. They can occur up to once a month and are themed.

Student Conference

Student Conference is an annual event that is run by the Students’ Union and the Student Engagement Team. It is a whole day event that includes SLT Question Time where Course Reps get the chance to ask the Senior Leadership Team a question about the college.

What is the Students’ Union?

Run by the students for the students, the Students’ Union independently and proactively brings about change and improvement to the student experience at College.

All East Sussex College Hastings students automatically become members of the Students’ Union when they enrol on a course, if you would rather opt out of membership please contact the Student President.


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